About Us

As Batusan Plastik; while being placed at the top in the Medical and Education sector, we produce outputs for the Sports Equipment, Plastic Platform, Toys and Automotive sectors with our Management and Production staffs who have been specializing in the Plastics Industry for more than 30 years.

We put all of your Plastic Injection and Plastic Blow Molding Projects into practice from end-to-end.

We materialize 95% of our production capacity from Polypropylene (PP) raw material.

Our Vision

Being a respected company all over the World which is respectful to the environment through profitable and sustainable growth, being a sustainable global company with happier customers in a rapidly changing world through an innovative approach.

Our Quality Policy

Yüksek bilgi birikimi ve üretim tecrübesine
The main policy of our company, which has high know-how and production experience;

• To understand the demands and expectations of our customers, to ensure their satisfaction by accommodating them appropriately and to improve them continuously,

• To act within the framework of the customer-oriented principle adopted by our company in our product and service presentations to our stakeholders

• To cooperate with our suppliers based on mutual trust,

• To follow and apply technological developments closely in order to reduce costs and increase profitability

• To comply with national and international standards and regulations in all products we offer to our customers,

• To ensure that employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation are kept high with training programs that continuously support the development of our employees,

• To increase incessantly the quality level by attaching importance to teamwork so that all employees become more competent and able to use their talents at the highest level within the framework of quality systems

• To set and review the company's quality targets and programs, to take them under control with corrective and preventive actions and to improve them ceaselessly are our main policies.

Our Mission

To produce products for the demands and needs of our customers, to accommodate them at the right time and at the right cost. To lead the development of the sector, to contribute to the country's economy. We prioritize the development and happiness of our employees.

Our Environmental Policy

Concerning all of our outputs we produce with the objective of ensuring sustainable development, it is aimed to protect the environment in order to minimize the negative effects on the environment;

• To develop and improve the environmental management system continuously,

• To ensure transfer of a clean and healthy environment to the future generations,

• Efficient use of natural resources in all processes,

• To save energy,

• To prevent environmental impacts and risks at roots in all our processes throughout the life cycle,

• To produce environmentally friendly products and to apply environmentally friendly production processes at the business,

• To improve and develop the products and production processes,

• To minimize the rate of wastage in production,

• To inform our stakeholders about the environment and to support them to take the necessary precautions,

• To ensure reduction or reuse of the wastes resulting from our activities and the damage of the wastes,

• To fulfil the relevant environmental legislation and other requirements,

• Minimizing waste, preventing pollution at its source and reducing its negative effects on the environment are our main Environmental Policies.

Our Values

• Innovation
• Reliability
• Sustainability
• Sincerity
• Sensitivity
• Diversity

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